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NATIONAL RECRUITMENT DRIVE for fully certificated/trainee Enforcement Agents

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A Certificated enforcement agent is responsible for negotiating the recovery of debts, agreeing payment plans, removing goods (or repossession of property) in order to recover the monies owed to Local Authorities or Commercial Clients.

The purpose of this outline job description is to focus attention on the most important aspects of the job. It is not intended to be a complete list of every duty and it is therefore to be expected that the day to day performance of the job will frequently include tasks not listed above. It may be varied or added to at the discretion of the any of the Directors.

Principal Duties:

1. Visiting debtors at home, introducing yourself and giving an explanation of the purpose of your visit. Sometimes you may have to deal with challenging / aggressive situations, where it is needed to keep calm and follow Ross and Roberts' procedures.

2. Offering money management advice, negotiating instalments debtors can afford to pay and arranging payments within Ross and Roberts' guidelines or following procedures if arrangement outside our guidelines.

3. Collecting and accounting accurately for money collected in settlement of debts.

4. Either removing some of the debtor's possessions to be sold in payment of a debt, or repossessing commercial premises by changing the locks on the doors. Arranging for seized goods to be safely stored and insured before being sold.

5. Reporting and updating case records, in detail, for all debt recovery activity.

6. Familiarising yourself with statutory, client and Company policies and procedures and ensuring compliance at all times, including Health and Safety policies and procedures.

7. Keeping current with enforcement legislation and attending courses and seminars relevant to your profession and personal safety.

Other duties and responsibilities may include:

8. Arresting people (usually with the assistance of another enforcement agent) subject to warrants of committal or powers of arrest and escorting them to prison or Court. Remaining at Court until arrestee dealt with.


  • IRRV
  • Lock
  • CSA
  • Investors in people
  • CHAS
  • BPA
  • ISO27001
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO31000
  • ISO 22301
  • ISO 10002