The Ministry of Justice Introduces New Regulations for the Enforcement Industry

With effect from the 6 April 2014, the “Taking Control of Goods Regulations” come in to force, a new set of regulations from the Ministry of Justice governing the enforcement industry.

There is a new statutory set of processes which must be followed and a new fixed fee structure for each element of the process.

This should make it clearer for everyone to understand the actions which must be taken by enforcement companies and the level of fees they can charge.

Bailiffs will now be called Enforcement Agents and it is now possible for you to make arrangements to pay without an Enforcement Agent having access to your property to take control of your goods.

Please see below the level of fees you will incur for each action taken by the Enforcement Company in respect of the collection of Council Tax, Business Rates, Penalty Charge Notices and Commercial Rates.

Fee's for Enforcement (Excludes High Court)
Fees due at each Stage Fixed fee Percentage Fees
(payable depending on size of debt)
£0 - £1,500 > £1,500
Compliance Stage
(incurred when case is received by the 
enforcement company)
£75.00 0% 0%
Enforcement Stage
(incurred at the Enforcement Agents
first visit)
£235.00 0% 7.5%
Sale or Disposal Stage
(incurred if the Enforcement Agent 
attends with a view to removing goods)
£110.00 0% 7.5%

Please ensure that you respond immediately to any communication from Ross & Roberts as this may reduce the amount of fees you will have to pay.

Enforcement Agents can call to collect outstanding debts between 6.00am and 9.00pm including Saturdays and Sundays.

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