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Encampment Management

Acting With Integrity

We specialise in the safe removal of illegal trespassers from occupied land and buildings, with a dedicated trespasser and traveller removal team, set up by our High Court department.

Government guidance advises local authorities to seek a court order to remove unauthorised occupiers as they should consider the welfare of individuals on the land before taking enforcement action against them, however this process can be long winded and subject to Court delays. By delaying the process this could cause excess damage and costly legal and clean up bills. 

The main advantage of eviction though common law is the speed in which evictions can be carried out, often as little as 24hrs from the moment of first contact. The speed of the response can help local authorities to lessen the amount of damage caused to the land and or buildings, as well as reducing the opportunity for theft, fly-tipping and general waste being left behind thus reducing potentially expensive clear up costs.

At Ross & Roberts, we leverage our experience, expertise and technology to deliver a seamless service that maximises collections and empowers both staff and communities.”

Martyn Shapter, Managing Director