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Void Inspections

Asset Protection

It is considered good practice for Local Authorities to conduct regular inspections of all their empty properties. Capturing the details of new occupiers at the earliest possible opportunity enables an Authority to issue bills quickly, providing the taxpayer with a greater number of monthly instalments to pay, which in turn increases the chances of the bill being paid in full within the actual year of issue.  

However, with Local Authority finances under constant scrutiny, Void Property Inspection is one area that is increasingly being scaled down in order to achieve savings. In addition, Void inspections are most commonly carried out Monday to Friday, during “normal” office hours, limiting access to Council Tax payers who work similar hours.

To assist our clients, we have a service called VISITS (Void Inspection Service IT Solution) designed to complement any existing void inspection processing undertaken by an Authority. VISITS enables you to meet your empty property inspections targets with minimum effort, dealing with bulk inspections only,  Everything is agreed with you to ensure the review meets your needs.

At Ross & Roberts, we leverage our experience, expertise and technology to deliver a seamless service that maximises collections and empowers both staff and communities.”

Martyn Shapter, Managing Director