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Property Protection

We act under High Court writs of possession, magistrates’ orders or using the rights available to a land owner under common law. We have the experience to ensure each instruction we receive passes off both peacefully and safely.

We work with each individual client to every step of the way to ensure that our clients are in control of the process, with everything carried out in an ethical manner. 

Once instructed we move swiftly to provide a successful outcome, and serve the illegal occupiers with a notice to vacate the land/buildings. If failure to move then results in a forced eviction we work with the police to prevent a breach of the peace.


A warrant of possession can be enforced by County Court Bailiffs if tenants do not vacate the property or land by the date issued by the court under the order of possession. However, this can be a lengthy process with excess damage, legal costs incurred and significant loss of rent with debts being uncollectible where the tenant has left.

To save you money and time, we offer in these circumstances a free transfer up process to High Court. 

At Ross & Roberts, we leverage our experience, expertise and technology to deliver a seamless service that maximises collections and empowers both staff and communities.”

Martyn Shapter, Managing Director