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We make full use of ANPR technology to track down persistent evaders and recover unpaid parking charges. As an industry leader, Equita supports significant investment in technology, and operates over 100 ANPR vans around Britain. Outstanding warrants are instantly flagged to our agents as soon as cameras find a positive match. Agents can immediately immobilise the vehicle and carry out full HPI and DVLA checks before it is seized.

ANPR is increasingly helping councils to improve road safety and traffic management. Using fixed and mobile cameras, we can help enforce bus lanes and approaches to pedestrian crossings and schools. Our fixed flexi camera enables you to adopt ANPR enforcement for bus lanes without any capital outlay.
We will fit the cameras at no cost to you, maintain both front and back end systems, secure a link to your notice processing system and transfer data through secure connections.
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We understand the difficult balance our clients must strike between commercial delivery and social empathy. Our years of industry experience combined with our focus on people and technical modernisation means that we get results and we do the right thing for our clients and their communities.”

Martyn Shapter, Managing Director

Following our recent sale and new ownership, Equita, Ross & Roberts and Stirling Park are now collectively the Omexus Group. There will be no changes to operations and it’s business as usual – with the benefit of a new group name to mark a new era.
We continue to trade as Equita Ltd, Ross & Roberts Ltd and Stirling Park LLP