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In a move that underscores the Omexus Group’s commitment to industry leadership and strategic influence, CEO Emma Cowan is delighted to be able to join the Executive Council of the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA). This both demonstrates Emma’s commitment for Omexus Group to be a contributing member of CIVEA, and also positions our business at the forefront of addressing current critical issues and of the future in the civil enforcement sector.

Leadership presence on CIVEA’s Executive Council will enable the Omexus Group to stay abreast of regulatory changes, anticipate industry trends, and contribute to the development of best practices.

Jason Carter, Chief Commercial Officer, is a longstanding supporter of the Executive Council and well-established in the industry. With a blend of Jason’s connections, insights and experience and Emma’s forward-thinking vision for transformation, they represent a powerful driving force for the group.

The Omexus Group
Emma’s leadership has been instrumental in steering 3 businesses (Equita, Ross & Roberts and Stirling Park) through the recent sale and acquisition process, bringing them together as a cohesive whole. Her involvement in the CIVEA Executive Council marks a new chapter in her personal journey as Emma is passionate about elevating the presence of women at all levels of the enforcement sector.

CIVEA’s Role in Enforcement
With about 40 member companies, CIVEA represents over 95% of the enforcement industry in England and Wales. The association serves as a unified voice for its members, facilitating collaboration, and driving initiatives that contribute to the growth and sustainability of the industry.

“We are deeply committed to not only complying with industry standards, but also actively shaping them,” states Emma. “We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and will continue to foster innovation, promote ethical practices, and contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of civil enforcement agencies.”

New Perspectives
Notably, Emma’s lack of a conventional enforcement background will prove to be an asset as she brings fresh perspective, a progressive outlook, and critical thinking to the table. This diversity in expertise ensures a well-rounded approach, emphasising the importance of varied viewpoints and contributing to further representation of ideas within the sector.

This underscores Emma’s dedication to promoting positive change in a way that is dynamic and inclusive.

A new frontier

Equita, Ross & Roberts and Stirling Park have begun a fresh chapter with renewed purpose and vision. Under new ownership, possibilities stretch before us. As we shift gears and move into a phase of rapid innovation and development, many exciting long-term, prior-laid plans can now be executed.

New beginnings

Equita, Ross & Roberts and Stirling Park have hit another key milestone in our journey post-sale. With new beginnings, comes both new responsibilities and new-found

Following our recent sale and new ownership, Equita, Ross & Roberts and Stirling Park are now collectively the Omexus Group. There will be no changes to operations and it’s business as usual – with the benefit of a new group name to mark a new era.
We continue to trade as Equita Ltd, Ross & Roberts Ltd and Stirling Park LLP